On Thursday, September 17, AAJ Technologies will host a webinar to discuss Microsoft Power BI and how organizations can use the solution to connect to online and cloud-based data. The webinar will be hosted by Robert Kutz, BI Architect at AAJ Technologies.

Kutz, who boasts 25 years of IT experience, has been developing and implementing BI solutions using the Microsoft BI stack in a wide variety of verticals for the past 13 years. His expertise includes design and development of data warehouses and data marts; extract, transform, load (ETL) to extract and standardize data from multiple source systems; design and development of multidimensional databases; and comprehensive dashboard and end user reporting.

The webinar will explore how Microsoft Power BI allows users to strategically connect data within Excel spreadsheets, and elsewhere within their organizations. Given that Power BI collects all data in one single space, the process is easily handy. The program also allows users to search data and create insights with simple drag-and-drop gestures. Those insights can then be saved as interactive reports, which reflect the stories embedded in your data.

Additionally, Microsoft Power BI enables users to create personalized dashboards in order to track those metrics that matter most to them. In generating a holistic view of all organizational data, the solution enables executives to make quick and confident decisions as needed.

Furthermore, the webinar will delve into the components included in the Microsoft Power BI Stack, which connect data hosted by online services, such as Microsoft CRM, Salesforce and Microsoft Azure, as well as the cloud.

Microsoft Power BI is available for all types of devices, including Microsoft Power BI Desktop, Microsoft Power BI app for Windows, iOS, and Android, Microsoft Power BI Personal Gateway and Microsoft Power BI Analysis Services Connector.

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