IBM just acquired StrongLoop, a startup company based in San Mateo, California, that specializes in app development software for enterprises using JavaScript’s open source programming language Node.js. This acquisition, as Tech Crunch reported, will help expand IBM’s cloud services offerings. More importantly, this is big news for app developers—specifically those using IBM offerings such as Worklight.

By acquiring StrongLoop, IBM app developers will now have the ability to leverage the Node.js language to build mobile and cloud-based apps that leverage APIs capable of handling large amounts of data. APIs, or application programming interfaces, are “windows” within an app’s coding that allow it to interact with and access other apps. Many may already be familiar with smaller-scale APIs, such as apps that allow you to log-in using Facebook credentials or review sites like Yelp that offer Google Maps locations within their website.

However, as the Internet of Things continues to grow, and mobile devices continue to connect to the Web at a rapid pace, the APIs will need to handle larger amounts of data at once. APIs that are built to handle larger sets of data will facilitate a wave of innovation and allow app builders to finally take advantage of device-based features in their app creation—such as using an iPhone’s finger print scanner to unlock a smartlock, rather than a traditional username and password combination.

As a leader in mobile app development solutions, IBM’s newest acquisition will allow enterprises to develop better-connected and more-user-friendly apps. No longer will enterprises be restricted by small-scale APIs, and end users will no longer have to settle for apps that can only handle the bare minimum. Before your enterprise can start taking advantage of IBM’s newest offering, however, you’ll need to be trained in some mobile app best practices using its platform.

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