Today, the customer is king, controlling more of the customer service experience than ever before and setting the standards upon which we build our marketing strategies. When the consumer became digital, marketing departments evolved to embrace the digital world. But the onset of digital marketing has resulted in a saturated market, making it increasingly difficult to cut through the clutter and reach your target audience. So how can marketers stand out and gain a competitive advantage over their competition?

The answer may surprise you.

Welcome to experience marketing. While digital marketing engages consumers typically through blogs, social media, videos and podcasts, experience marketing intrigues consumers by creating face-to-face encounters, thereby solidifying your brand image. Simply put, experience marketing is a marketing campaign—often in the form of an event—that uses hands on experience to create a lasting memory of your brand and/or product.

This type of marketing is becoming ubiquitous, and some brands have taken something as simple as putting a product in the potential customers hand, into something extravagant. Look at what Bud Light has done in the face of the craft beer movement. Bud Light invited potential consumers to a town they built called “Whatever, USA” for events (like concerts and sky diving) and rewarded patrons with a free trip there if they joined in the fun. The event has been dubbed an experience marketing success.

By investing in such marketing, your business is making an effort to make personal interactions with your consumer base. A recent study by Hubspot, found that 78 percent of millennials follow brands after participating in an experiential marketing campaign. While 84 percent of respondents say that experiential marketing is very important, critical or important to their organization, many don’t know where to start.

To help point companies in the right direction, AAJ Technologies, a leading provider of enterprise collaboration solutions, has invited the Global Director of Sitecore Business Optimization Services Lars Birkholm Petersen to host a webinar titled “Digital Marketing is Dead. Long Live Experience Marketing!” dedicated to experiential marketing.

As the co-author of “Connect: How to Use Data and Experience Marketing to Create Lifetime Customers” and an expert on this unique form of marketing, Petersen will educate on his work and expand on how to get your company started with experience marketing.

To learn more about experience marketing, click here and view our on demand webinar.