by Brett Gillin

We recently had a webinar on the top 10 security mistakes companies make in their SharePoint implementations (which you can view here if you’re so inclined). One of the topics that generated the most discussion was regarding the importance of security definitions. Why is it important to have and stick with security definitions in your SharePoint environment? Well, let’s take this story as a perfect example:

This is the story of a multi-million dollar company who has about a dozen users with complete “Administrator” access to SharePoint, meaning each of these users could change literally any aspect of SharePoint whenever they pleased. When one of these employees is fired (for excessive time off) the other administrators made a glaring mistake. They didn’t deactivate the recently fired user’s account!

This allowed the user to go home, log in to the SharePoint site with their still-valid credentials, and delete thousands of documents and empty the recycle bin before someone caught wind. The kicker in this story is that the guy who went in and deleted all these documents was a sales representative for the company, not a technical resource for SharePoint. This employee should have never had this level of access to the SharePoint environment in the first place.

Luckily, the company in this story was regularly backing up their information, and was able to restore most of the deleted documents, but this is just one example of why your company needs to make sure that users only have the access that they need to your SharePoint environment. This is exactly the type of mistake that can be avoided if your company uses proper security definitions for your SharePoint environment.

So if you don’t already have a detailed security definition in place at your organization, what are you waiting for? Contact AAJ Technologies today to get the help you need!