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As any journalist will tell you, one of the golden rules of reporting is to avoid using too many numbers in a story. Why? Because numbers alone, even when important to the story, can often be confusing—causing the reader to struggle with comprehension and, therefore, lose interest in the piece and move on.

When journalists are presented with a story that depends on the readers understanding of complex number sets, they’ll often do their best to move the numerical data to a sidebar. This allows the story to flow more easily while segmenting the numbers for better visualization.

This journalistic technique is one that has been used for years and should now be brought into the modern day enterprise to help wrangle unwieldy big data.

Big data, as many know, is the data generated by every facet of an enterprise, and when analyzed, it can provide insights into the way your business operates and help you make effective decisions moving forward. Unless that data is visualized in a comprehensive way, however, even an expert analyst will have difficulty gleaning insights from it.

Understanding that data needs to be visualized to be effective is just half the battle. To actually win the battle, you’ll need to be educated in the best practices of data visualization. To help, AAJ has brought in our senior architect James Parnitzke to lead a webinar titled “Effective Visualization of Complex Data.”

During this on-demand presentation, Parnitzke discusses the key concepts of data visualization and analysis.

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