With the federal, state and local governments across the country struggling to balance budgets and afford the best service for residents, cloud computing, which affords cost-effective hosted services through the internet, provides unlimited benefits to agencies seeking to streamline support and solutions.

Though most organizations opt for cloud deployments to reduce the cost of sharing services and infrastructures, governments can benefit by improving compliance and creating flexibility for citizens starting new businesses The U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, USDA and the Departments of Justice and Education have all adopted cloud computing solutions, but there are many other agencies that could benefit from cloud applications.

The federal government spent nearly $1.7 billion on cloud computing last year, in comparison with the general public who spend $118.3. The recently formed U.S. Federal Cloud Computing Strategy has implemented a CloudFirst policy to encourage further adoption of cloud use. Of course, security is a major concern when it comes to government and strict agreement and security procedures have been implemented to ensure national security is not affected.

Some examples of government cloud implementation include the following:

  • IT Consolidation: Agencies have begun to merge IT to improve efficiency through virtualization and datacenter integration to decrease hardware costs and limit energy consumption.
  • Shared Services: Agencies have also shifted to cloud services to decrease costs and enhance business process efficiencies through on-going monitoring, asset management, threat & fraud detection and prevention programs.
  • Citizen Services: Many agencies at all levels of government have enabled self-service for citizens, which allow them to monitor energy and water consumption, view the status of service requests, including applications and loans, and even access medical records.

AAJ provides the IT industry know-how facilitate cloud computing deployments, while cutting IT infrastructure and software costs. Cloud computing transition requires a clear strategy and a comprehensive roadmap to ensure successful organizational deployment without interference with ongoing government operations.

How do you assess whether the cloud is right for your company? Where are the highest-value opportunities for cloud computing in your organization? What are the potential pitfalls you should avoid before making the switch?

AAJ Technologies helps you navigate the opportunities and obstacles – and position your organization to experience the full promise (and profit potential) of the cloud.can enhance public engagement with government at the municipal and even state level. Given that many towns and cities prioritize their services differently, AAJ’s custom application development allows local governments to solutions to their needs. AAJ also provides the IT knowledge and expertise, as well as the long-term support, needed to create successful solutions for your community.