Creating SharePoint document libraries isn’t exactly a tough thing. Just throw a bunch of folders together and put the information into each folder, right? Just like you do on your hard drives at home! Well, that is certainly a very common way to implement SharePoint document libraries, but it’s definitely not the ideal way.

One of the biggest goals in creating one of these libraries is to ensure that your staff are consistently using them, thus gaining the maximum efficiencies from SharePoint. But how do you ensure that the users are

Now this next part might seem a little obvious, but as you’ll see throughout this webinar, sometimes the most obvious things are the easiest to overlook. So the first thing you should do when setting up a library is to speak to the people who will be using said library to figure out the best way to have them buy in to using it. For example, your marketing department will need a different setup than your IT department. They’ll be using different content types and have vastly different metadata for their content.

Imagine how much easier it will be for your sales and marketing departments to use the document libraries when you’ve set up a list of predefined templates for them to use whenever they click “New!” Those SOWs, proposals, and one-sheets will all be in the proper format and stored right where they’re supposed to be stored, greatly increasing efficiency.

Plus, so long as you set these templates up with some care, the information entered in the documents can be captured as filterable metadata in the library, making search and retrieval a breeze!