Earlier this month, Microsoft purchased the security firm Adallom to further bolster the level of security provided for all Microsoft products that utilize the cloud. With this acquisition, Microsoft has further established itself as a leader in cloud solutions. While other similar security services may be available for free, few can offer the level of security that Microsoft does when it comes to protecting enterprises’ important data.

Cloud storage has many benefits: It’s scalable, cost-efficient and easily accessible from mobile devices. On the other hand, security risks associated with cloud storage include, mainly, the vulnerability that your data faces when stored online vs. in-house; that is, data stored in the cloud is far more accessible to hackers.

Adallom’s specialty lies in, what it calls, its “non-intrusive, flexible security-as-a-service platform.” The platform protects any data migrating to the cloud by providing IT with a window through which it can monitor the sharing of data and user access. The heuristics engine, or SmartEngine, offered by Adallom, constantly monitors data activity and accounts for 74 different variables to spot, alert and stop threats before they can cause damage. Microsoft will also be providing Adallom with additional funding aimed toward the continual development of its security-as-a-service platform.

With incidents in recent years proving that cloud storage isn’t without its security shortcomings, the addition of Adallom to Microsoft’s cloud solution services should bring a sigh of relief to business owners who still need the scalability and convenience of the cloud minus the headaches caused by security breaches.

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