Medical centers are hectic work places. Whether you work in a hospital or a private practice facility, regardless of your position, your schedule is likely packed from open to close with barely any time in between to take a break, check your messages or even eat lunch.

Unfortunately on some days, no matter how hard you worked or how on schedule you stayed, there are still tasks that are left unfinished, time wasted and, worst of all, patients sitting in waiting rooms for far too long. To be frank, there are a number of problems with the way healthcare providers schedule their time and keep on top of the numerous tasks that need to be executed on a given day—and it’s not for a lack of effort.

The reason healthcare providers aren’t able to reach maximum efficiency and productivity isn’t due to a lack of talent in the job market, but rather because they don’t have the tools to do so, as many operate with legacy technology that does very little to make our lives easier.

Here at AAJ—a leader in legacy modernization—we wanted to help by bringing in two seasoned veterans to speak about how workforce optimization can make your facility better and can save you nearly 10 percent of your labor budget.

On Thursday, May 21 at 1:30 p.m. AAJ will be hosting a webinar titled XXXXX where Optime’s SVP of Business Development, Patrick McGartland, and Senior Implementation Manager, Jordan Geiman, will discuss how workforce optimization can help your healthcare facility in a number of ways, including:

  • How to meet coverage 99 percent of the time
  • Close scheduling holes with internal staff, and allowing for schedule transparency at the same time
  • Keeping nursing to patient ratios at state law standards
  • Overall reduction of non-job-function chaos

If you’d like to learn more about the speakers, their talk and how to register for the webinar, click here.