‘Tis the season to be jolly, but the question is: Will your employees feel the same way if they have to work through the holidays? One team that certainly has its work cut out for it during the holiday season is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Let’s back track…

Last week, Dr. David Bray, newly appointed CIO of the FCC, announced that the commission will be working on a 24-month legacy modernization project, which Bray and his team will kick start this month. Specifically, each of the FCC’s 207 individual legacy systems will be transitioned to a cloud-based common data platform, as Bray discussed in an interview with Ginny Skalski for The Enterprises Project.

If your team is working through the holidays this year like the FCC, how exactly can you as their manager keep morale up? Below are a couple of suggestions inspired by Bray’s recent interview:

Reward your super stars: For Bray, it was all about having the right team members for the job and rewarding them for going above and beyond. “The interesting thing … is that the team members were actually the ones who volunteered to do it over the holidays without me asking,” he said. “I was like, ‘Wow! These folks are truly dedicated to making the legacy IT at FCC right.’ It’s humbling, and I think that type of dedication communicates the palpable energy here to fix the aging IT at FCC.”

Think about which of your team members have the willingness, eagerness and spirit to commit themselves to bettering your company’s goal, be it a modernization project like Bray’s or something else. And of course, be sure to reward them for their loyalty and dedication.

Consider outsourcing: It’s not too late to forge a strategic partnership with an IT vendor to offload some admin tasks. Such a resource can be brought on to assist with anything from initial strategizing to deployment. Moreover, vendors can be brought on to support your needs during this particularly busy time of year and then you can part ways afterwards. Bray also says he is considering whether to onboard a vendor to support the FCC’s “accelerated time frame.” By teaming with a vendor you can restore faith from your team as they see that you are willing to bring in more resources when time is crunched.

We at AAJ wish you and your working teams a wonderful holiday season—whether you’ll be in office or at home with friends and family!