If you consider your hotel to be industry-leading, what is it that separates you from the rest of the pack? Is it the number of amenities you offer? Do you have world class chefs on premises? Is it your proximity to night life or sprawling beaches?

When it comes to the best-of-class hospitality, every little detail is key. That’s why one of the world’s largest hospitality companies, Hilton, created a mobile app for its guests.

No matter how much you excel at guest services and overall experience, there will always be factors that are out of the control of your staff—for instance lost room keys and noisy room guest, among others.  Hilton took a stab at preparing for these atypical situations.

Specifically, with their mobile app, guests can:

  • Check in digitally, thereby avoiding long check in lines so they can head straight to their rooms.
  • Choose their rooms by using a digital floor map of the hotel that depicts which rooms are available and which are currently occupied
  • Use their cell phones as a room key giving guests the convenience of not having to keep track of their key card and giving them a second option when locked out.

Hilton’s app demonstrates the mass potential for hospitality mobile application development.  Specifically, hotels looking to research mobile application development to compete with Hilton’s can add vital features that enable guests to set wakeup calls, order room service and search for information on local spots all through their app.

The impetus for hospitality destinations to get immersed in the mobile landscape has never been greater, particularly with 55 percent of consumes leveraging mobile apps daily. In addition to feeding consumer quest for applications, these companies can also support their staffers by freeing up  employees from time consuming tasks that guests can take care of themselves.

As technology continues to evolve, the hospitality industry is poised to take advantage of the surge of mobile apps. Why wait and be a late adaptor when you can be an industry leader today. Click here to learn more about mobile application development and how it can better your customer service experience.